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For Law Firms

SEO For Law Firms

Are you struggling to rank your website on the first page and keep visitors engaged on your site?

And you are feeling Stressed and worried?

You need to stop relying on referrals because it is not predictable and consistent.

and start focusing on optimising your online presence to get found and hired-100% organically

When you do, your website will rank on the first page and have more visitors to your website 

You will be able to generate more leads and have more clients

When you do, you will never need to worry about where your next case is coming from-because they will find you 

when you do this, you will finally fell what it’s like to have an organic marketing machine instead of slaving away, hoping and wishing people find you.

Benefits of SEO For Law Firms

You are a lawyer, but you are also a business owner. 

The ultimate goal of SEO is not only to rank your website at no.1 on Google search results. It is to help business owners like you make revenue at the end of the day.

Many websites rank on page 1 but have almost zero sales.

So, sales and conversions are the ultimate goal of SEO. 

You do not need a massive number of website visitors, but you definitely need a website that converts visitors to customers. This is why you need SEO on your website.

Technical SEO will make your website search engine-friendly.  Google can understand your content better and index your pages.

On-Page SEO will make your website user-friendly; your website page content will be easy to read and strategically embedded with keywords. Bringing visitors to your website organically without paying for any ads. 

Off page SEO will build links and domain authority for your website. The higher the quality of links and domain authority of your website, the better your ranking will be on Google searches.

Local SEO is making your website visible in your local area or a specific area you want to target. Local SEO is a very effective strategy to elevate businesses’ online presence in their local area. 

Seo For Family Law Solicitors.

How I ranked A drink driving solicitor's Website To No 1 On Google In Just 90 days?

Website Rank No.1 On Google

MONTHLY website visitors spiked to 2100 

Patrick Horan is a drink-driving solicitor based in Cork City in ireland. 

In late November, he came to me with a clear vision: to expand his legal practice into Dublin City and enhance his website online presence and increasing its visibility. 

After Three months working with Patrick, his website monthly visitors increased to 2.1k, his website and videos ranked number one on Google search results. 

EM Digital Marketing is result oriented digital marketing agency, I delivery results and quality services, not just words. 

Drink Driving Law Page Is Not Ranking. A Info Graphic With Tequise Colour With 7 Small Circle Surround A Big White Circle. Demonstrate The 7 Critical Reasons Of Why Some Law Firm Family Law Page Is Not Ranking.
Why is your Drink Driving Law page not ranking?

Many law firm websites have a drink driving law page, but it is ranked on the second page, third page, or even further down.

After analysing 100s law firm websites. I concluded 7 critical reasons:
1. Content is not keyword focused
2. Missing keywords on URLs
3. Thin and Low quality content
4. Poor graphic design
5. Complicated website structure
6. Lack of creativity in design style
7. Low website speed

How to make a website successful?

Having a website is only a beginning. 

A successful website provides optimal user experience and makes sales at the end of the day.

A law firm website design best practice checklist gives you an insight into how your website is built to be successful.

Search engine optimisation combines conversion rate optimisation makes high-performing websites that rank higher on search engines, brings visitors to the site, and converts them to clients. 

SEO and CRO are ongoing and long-term marketing strategies; a successful website needs continued adjustment, refinement, analytics and making informed decisions.

But the ultimate results last a very long time and are worth every penny you invest. 

Are you ready To Rank Your Website To Page One? And Turn Your Visitors to Leads?

i will help you to thrive online with search marketing. So, you will never worry about your  website visibility any more.