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Are you a Criminal defence solicitor who is struggling To rank your Firm’s website to The first page of Google.

EM Digital Marketing Agency helps Criminal defence solicitors rank their website to the first page on google And Transform Your Website To An organic lead Machine

How I ranked a drink driving solicitor's website to no 1 on google in 90 days?

Website Traffic Spike and Rank No.1 On Google Search

Emma was truly excellent. She was a complete pleasure to work with from beginning to end of our project and I could not be happier with her work. She worked extremely hard to both clean up and simplify my website but also optimised it to work better on Google. She was super responsive and I never had to wait long for her to get back to me. Whether early morning, afternoon, late in the evening or the weekend I was getting emails from Emma with really good suggestions and ways around problems I was experiencing. A true professional that I would be delighted to recommend to anyone.
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EM Digital Marketing Agency specialises in helping Criminal defence solicitors Rank their website to Page One on Google and transform your website to an organic lead machine. 
We have experience working with drink-driving solicitor, and deliver successful SEO results. 

If you are a drink driving solicitor or criminal defence solicitor, we’d like to hear from you and help you rank your website to page one on Google and build organic traffic, just like I did to Patrick Horan’s website. 

What Are You Waiting For? 

Are you a criminal defence solicitor or a criminal law firm owner?  

And you’re struggling to rank your website to the first page on Google, you have no consistent organic traffic, you feel stressed and worried where your next client is coming from.  

You’ve tried to get more referrals, but you are still struggle…..
You need to stop relying on referrals because it is not reliable and consistent.

You need to focus on driving consistent leads online-organically 24/7.

When you do, you will finally realise the power of organic traffic coming to your website 24/7- Free.

The Best Digital Marketing Agency for Criminal Defence Solicitors:
Specialization is Key

Criminal defence solicitors need to stand out to attract clients online, and this is where digital marketing agencies play a crucial role. 

Every digital marketing agency is different, especially when it comes to the niche needs of criminal defence solicitors. 

The best digital marketing agency for criminal defence solicitors is the one that specializes in this field.

Why Specialization Matters
Industry Knowledge

An agency that focuses on criminal defence solicitors has a much better knowledge and understanding of criminal law in the legal sector, or has a strong willingness to learn about criminal law. 

They know the terminology, the target audience, and the most effective marketing strategies to reach potential clients.

Customized Strategies

Specialist agencies develop marketing plans uniquely suited to criminal law. 

This includes creating content that addresses the concerns of individuals seeking legal representation for criminal matters and employing SEO tactics that target relevant keywords.

Regulatory Compliance

The legal industry is heavily regulated, and marketing efforts must comply with strict guidelines. 

A specialist agency is well-versed in these regulations, ensuring that all marketing practices are ethical and compliant.

Proven Results

Agencies with a track record of working with criminal defence solicitors can demonstrate proven results.

They have case studies and testimonials that showcase their success in increasing visibility, driving traffic, and generating leads for similar clients.

The right digital marketing agency can make a substantial difference for criminal defence solicitors who are seeking to establish a strong online presence. 

With its specialized focus on legal marketing and proven success in the criminal defence sector, EM Digital Marketing stands out as the best choice. 

Their industry knowledge, customized strategies, and commitment to ethical practices provide criminal defence solicitors the tools they need to attract and retain clients in a competitive market. 

When it comes to digital marketing for criminal defence solicitors, specialization truly is key.

Website Design Business Service For Instagram Post 4

It is time to stop procrastinating, no more reply on referrals, you know your website is not up to date. The longer you wait, the more money you are losing everyday. 

SEO service can help your firm make a lot of money more than you think.

It is time to act now, not later, not tomorrow.

Your firm website does not always perform its best, if it is more than 3 years old, it is probably not performing well at all. 

People change. 

What your clients need now compared to what they need before Covid pandemic is entirely different. But why should your website stay the same?

There is no perfect website. That is a fact.

What does a high performing website looks like? A website serves your goals, helps you generate leads, and makes monthly sales. 

  • Simple navigation and website structure
  • User experience focused website design 
  • Clear message and value proposition
  • Easy to contact call to actions
  • Data driven website design

Comprehensive SEO services are designed to boost your website’s speed, visibility and ensure your firm stands out in search engine results.

SEO service is an ongoing optimisation process, but it can also be invested in a one-off project to boost your website’s overall performance.

And with the fast and high quality website design service, you can ensure that your online presence is sleek, modern, and optimized for conversions.

If you are still not sure about whether you should invest in SEO service, read my blog is SEO service still worth investing in 2024 ?

Grow And Expand Your Firm Instead Of Missing Valuable Opportunities.

Are you struggle to thrive your firm’s online presence? You feel like you have done all the right things, but it just does not seems working.

You’re not alone. Many drink driving solicitors struggle with the same issue.

In today’s competitive market, drink driving solicitors need to constantly adapt and evolve in order to stay ahead of the curve. 

If you’re not actively working to improve your sales and online presence, you’re falling behind.

Without implementing a solid SEO strategy is a missed opportunity to attract new clients and increase revenue. 

Your competitors are out there, actively engaging with potential clients and stealing market share from under your nose.

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Common Digital Marketing AGency FAQs
You May Want To Know

EM Digital Marketing Agency specialises in Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) and Website Design. Our services focus on helping criminal defence solicitors rank their website the page one on Google and transform their website to an organic lead machine. 

Digital marketing, also known as online marketing, involves using digital channels to promote or advertise a business’s service or product. 

Digital marketing helps increase your firm’s online visibility, reach a wider audience, drive more organic traffic to your website, and generate organic leads for your law firm. 

It also allows for targeted marketing, leading to higher conversion rates.

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is optimise your website to rank higher than your competitors on Google search results. It is important because higher rankings increase visibility, more organic traffic, and better credibility for your law firm’s business.

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy. It usually takes 3 to 6 months to start seeing noticeable results. The timeline can vary from one website to another, plus othe considerations such as the competitiveness of your industry, location and website’s current state.

We do not guarantee first-page ranking, but we will do our best to rank your website on the first page of Google until we do. We will do our best again to ensure that your website stays on the first page for good. But we do not make any promises.

Content marketing involves creating high-quality content such as blogs, videos, images, PDF files, etc., and using that valuable information to attract your target audience to your law firm. 

Therefore, build trust and leads for your firm.

We create various types of content, including blog posts, articles, infographics, videos, images, whitepapers and case studies. Our content is tailored to your audience’s interests and needs.

First, we will learn about your law firm’s business goal and target audience. We will then do some research and collect relevant data to help us make data-driven decisions. The second last thing we do is conduct keyword research, and the last thing is create content.

We build WordPress websites for criminal law firms, criminal defence solicitors, and drink-driving solicitors. All our websites are SEO-friendly and optimised with basic SEO strategies, visually appealing, and high-performing.

We can build a website in 2 weeks if we have all the materials from you in 2 weeks, for instance, your images, videos, text content, etc. Otherwise, it usually takes 2 weeks to 12 weeks from initial consultation to launch. A larger website will definitely take more than 2 weeks, but a smaller website can be done within 2 weeks.

Yes, we offer hourly-based website support services to help you resolve any issues you have with your website. The hourly rate is €50. However, we do not provide ongoing website support services.  

We use Google Analytics 4 and several other tools to track your website performance, such as website traffic, conversion rates, click-through rates, and each keyword’s performance. We will give you detailed reports and insights to help you understand your website performance.

We provide monthly reports for your SEO services. We will keep you informed about the progress of your website ranking. We make our reports easy to read and understand and ensure there is no technical jargon involved. If you need clarification on the report, we will explain it until it makes sense.  

Absolutely. We provide data and offer insights and recommendations based on the analysis. We aim to help you understand your website’s performance and make informed and the right decisions for your SEO effort.

Online Client Support

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Do you Want to find out how is your website performing?

We will help you to rank to the first page of Google. So you can have consistent monthly traffic and generate leads for you 24/7.