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Google Business Profile

€ 250.00

Google Business Profile is a free online business listing that shows your business’s name, address, phone number, operating hours, website link, and image or video details. 

EM Digital Marketing helps you optimise your Google Business Profile, make sure it ranks higher, and give you the optimal visibility possible in your local area. 

We will set up the Google business profile for you or optimise your existing Google business profile. 

Why Do I Need A Google Business Profile?

Google is such a powerful search engine. Listing your business on Google puts your business in front of hundreds or thousands of customers. 

Especially if you are a local business, your potential customers can easily find you on Google search or Google Maps in their local area. 

When you set up your business on the Google business profile, Google automatically identifies your business on its map.   

If you are unsure how to do it, call EM Digital Marketing to book a free consultation or let us take care of it.  So you can run your business.

Google currently has  91.55% market share. What does that mean to business owners? It means 91 out of 100 of your customers use the Google search engine to look for purchasing your product or service. 

You lose customers and money if you are not on Google Business Profile. 

Simple as that. 

However, only having a Google Business Profile set up and listed online is not enough; you need to update it regularly and manage it efficiently as a tool to attract customers. 

And that is why you need EM Digital Marketing to manage your Google Business Profile for you. 

Online Client Support

EM Digital Marketing Agency Accepts Trading Online Voucher From Local Enterprise Offices Across Ireland.

Grow Your Business Online With Trading Online Voucher Up To €2500, And You Can Apply a Second Time.

What Makes EM Digital Marketing Different?

You deserve a high-quality services and on time within your budget.

You are guaranteed a personalised support every step of the way. 

“Your Needs, Your Way, My Commitment”.  When it comes to service, it’s all about you.

Customised solution to fits your unique requirements.

Open and transparent communication to keep you informed. 

Would You Considering To Upgrade To Local Search Engine Optimisation Service?

Optimise your website for your local area or the area of choice, we will make your website more visible and increase your website visitors.